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City of Bristol Connecticut
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Guide to City Services

 I need help with:  Department Information
 Absentee Ballots  Town/City Clerk 860-584-6200
 Accident Investigations/Reports
 Police Department 860-584-3000
 Accident/Damage Claims
 Claims  860-584-6155
 Accounts Payable/Receivable
 Comptrollers 860-584-6130
 Probate - Region 19 860-584-6230
 Animals- Domestic/Wild (Control of)
 Police  860-584-3000
 Assistance  for Seniors/Disabled Residents  Community Services  860-314-4690 x111
 Ball Fields and Parks  Parks and Recreation 860-584-3837
 Bids/City Contracts  Purchasing 860-584-6195
 Birth/Death/Marriage Certificates  Town/City Clerk 860-584-6200
 Brush/Bulk/Rubbish/Recycling  Public Works 860-584-6125
 Building Permits - Residential or Commercial  Building Department 860-584-6215
 Change of Address (Taxes)  Assessors 860-584-6240
 Change of Name Application  Probate - Region 19 860-584-6230
 City Banking  Treasurers 860-584-6285
 City Budget  Comptrollers 860-584-6130
 City Council Agendas/Minutes  Town/City Clerk 860-584-6200
 Commercial/Apartment Inspections  Fire Department 860-584-7964
 Community Gardens  Department of Aging/Senior Center 860-584-7895
 Computer and Networks  Information Systems 860-584-6275
 Construction Inspections  Building Department 860-584-6215
 Crime Prevention/Apprehension  Police  860-584-3000
 Daycare Licensing  State of CT
 DMV Change of Address Stickers  Police  860-584-3000
 Dog Licenses  Town/City Clerk 860-584-6200
 Downtown Revitalization  Bristol Development Authority 860-584-6185
 Economic Development  Bristol Development Authority 860-584-6185
 Educational, Informational Materials & Service
 Library 860-584-7787
 Electrical/Mechanical/Stove Permits & Inspections  Building Department 860-584-6215
 Employee Personnel Records  Personnel 860-584-6175
 Estates/Wills  Probate - Region 19 860-584-6230
 Evictions/Relocations  Community Services  860-314-4690 x111
 Fire and Rescue Services  Fire Department 860-584-7964
 Health Screenings & Vaccinations  Health District 860-584-7862
 Housing Code Complaints  Health District 860-584-7862
 Housing Rehab Grants  Bristol Development Authority 860-584-6185
 Inland/Wetlands & Flood plains permits  Public Works Engineering 860-584-6297
 Insurance - City and Employee  Comptrollers 860-584-6130
 Jobs  Personnel 860-584-6175
 Land Records  Town/City Clerk 860-584-6200
 Land Use Permits/Regulations  Public Works Land Use 860-584-6225
 Liquor Permits   State of CT
 Marriage Licenses  Town/City Clerk 860-584-6200
 Meals on Wheels/Congregate Meals  Department of Aging/Senior Center 860-584-7895
 Mill Rate  Assessors 860-584-6240
 Motor Vehicle Assessment  Assessors 860-584-6240
 Notary Services/Justices of the Peace  Town/City Clerk 860-584-6200
 Pine Lake Challenge Course  Youth Services 860-314-4690
 Poll Workers/Polling Places  Registrar of Voters 860-584-6165
 Pools/Deck Permits  Building Department 860-584-6215
 Potholes/Curbing/Catch Basins  Public Works 860-584-6125
 Property Tax Liens  Tax Office 860-584-6270
 Rabies Clinics  Health District 860-584-7862
 Restaurants/Food Service Inspections  Health District 860-584-7862
 Retiree/Pension Services  Treasurers 860-584-6285
 Rubbish/Recycle/Leaf Collection  Public Works 860-584-6125
 Senior Center Services/Activities  Department of Aging/Senior Center 860-584-7895
 Sewer/Driveway/Excavation Permits  Public Works Engineering 860-584-6297
 Showmobile/Summer Concerts  Parks and Recreation 860-584-3837
 Snow Removal/Ice Control  Public Works Dispatch 860-584-7791
 Tag Sale Permits  Building Department 860-584-6215
 Tax Payment Information  Tax Office 860-584-6270
 Tax Relief, Taxes on Real Estate, Property, Vehicles  Assessors 860-584-6240
 Trade Name Certificates/Vendor Permits  Town/City Clerk 860-584-6200
 Transfer Station Permits  Public Works 860-584-6125
 Veterans Programs  Army Strong 860-584-6258, Soldiers, Sailors & Marines 860-584-6255
 Voter Registration  Registrar of Voters 860-584-6165
 Wastewater Collection and Treatment  Water Pollution Control 860-584-3824
 Water Mains, Hydrants, Services  Water Department 860-582-7431
 Wells & Septic Permits & Inspections  Health District 860-584-7862
 Workers' Compensation  Claims  860-584-6155
 Yard Waste program/Green barrels  Public Works 860-584-6125
 Zoning Maps/Zoning Regulations  Public Works Land Use 860-584-6225

Police  860-584-3000
Police  860-584-3000

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