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City of Bristol Connecticut
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Criminal Investigation Division
Polygraph Unit
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Division Responsibilities

The Bristol Police Department has a Criminal Investigations Division (CID) that conducts long-term investigations of serious crimes. The division is headed by Detective Lieutenant Kevin Morrell.

After the patrol officer conducts an initial investigation, certain cases are assigned to CID for follow up. Examples of these cases include murders, robberies, burglaries, sexual assaults, serious assaults, and complex larcenies. Detectives will often work on a case for several months before it is closed. While working these cases, the detectives work closely with the States Attorney’s Office, the State Crime Lab, and the Medical Examiner’s Office. In addition to this caseload, many detectives have taken on added responsibilities.

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Anonymous Tips
The CID also has a voice mail and an email system designed to receive messages from citizens who wish to remain anonymous. Anyone with information about criminal activity can leave that information at (860) 585-TIPS (8477).

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Lt. Kevin Morrell

CID Commander

Ph: (860) 314-4561
Ph: (860) 314-4560

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