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Request a Bulk Pick-Up

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  2. Request a Bulk Pick-Up

  3. The City of Bristol offers its residents one free bulk pick-up per calendar year per residential building. After you submit the form below, Public Works will contact you via email within one business day. If you are eligible for a bulk collection, we will provide you with an appointment date via email.

  4. • After you submit the form, you will be automatically directed to a new page with our bulk pick-up guidelines. Please read the guidelines in preparation of your appointment.

  5. • Please be aware that we are typically scheduling appointments 1-4 weeks out.

  6. • If you have already had a pick-up this calendar year, an additional pick-up is $25. We must receive your payment before we can schedule the pick-up.

  7. Bristol, Connecticut 06010

  8. Are you the property owner?*

  9. Does the City of Bristol collect your trash and recycling?*

  10. Major items:*

    Please select the types of items you will be placing to the curb:

  11. Simple Recycling

    Clothing/Textiles should be recycled in pink bags – see

  12. Please do not place any items at the curb until the day before your scheduled pick-up. Please have the items at the curb for 6 a.m. on the day of your pick-up. Please be aware that we do not accept any cardboard, glass, mirrors, car parts, or building materials.

  13. Please add to your email contacts to prevent our response from going to your spam folder. If you do not receive an email from us within one business day, please call us at 860-584-6125.

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