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Report Illegal Bulk

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  2. This form is to report items at the curb (such as furniture, trash, etc.). After we receive your submission, our office will first check if the property has a bulk pick-up scheduled. If they do not have a bulk appointment, or if the items are out more than 24 hours prior to their pick-up, we will contact the property owner asking them to remove the items from the curb. If they do not comply, the property owner will be issued a citation.

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  4. Bristol, Connecticut 06010

  5. Please be aware that we need an exact address in order to handle this matter quickly. We need the house number in order to send a letter to the property owner.

  6. If you would like us to send you an email to confirm that we received your submission, enter your email address in the box above. Please add to your email contacts to prevent our response from going to your spam/junk mail folder.

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