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City of Bristol Connecticut
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Bristol Forms

  1. Add an Event to the Calendar

    Use this form to add a community event to the City's calendar

  2. Change Your Address - Tax Office
  3. Report A Street Light Malfunctioning

    Use this form to report a street light that is malfunctioning. Please note - the Telephone pole number is required to report the... More…

  4. Request a Bulk Pick-Up
  5. Website Feedback

    Please use this form to provide feedback, report problems, or make suggestions regarding the City of Bristol's website.

  1. Assessors Request for Service Form
  2. Report a Damaged or Missing Street Name Sign
  3. Request a Brush/Branch Collection
  4. Submit Your Photos

    Submit your photos of Bristol events, attractions or scenery.

Bristol PD Forms

  1. Bristol Police Department - Compliment a officer
  2. Bristol Police Department - Online Alarm Registration Form
  3. Bristol Police Department - TIPS for Stolen Cars & Vehicle Break-Ins

    stolen car vehicle break-in suspect tips Auto Theft

  1. Bristol Police Department - Day Care Center Registration

    Effective October 1, 2015, under CT Public Act 15-161, day care centers are required to register certain information with their local... More…

  2. Bristol Police Department - Request for Child Seat Installation
  3. Bristol Police Department - Traffic Signs

    sign, damage, missing

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