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City of Bristol Connecticut
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Does the City of Bristol have property for development?
Prime industrial property is available in the Southeast Bristol Business Park. Real estate brokers can receive 6% commissions for referrals. The city manages two other industrial parks. A limited number of other properties may be posted from time to time.

Bristol Development Authority

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1. What kinds of assistance does the City of Bristol Development Authority provide to businesses?
2. I want to start a business. What kind of assistance is available?
3. Does the City of Bristol have property for development?
4. What is the Enterprise Zone and what are the benefits found there?
5. What is the CDBG?
6. How is the use of CDBG funds determined?
7. What are the Five-Year Plan priorities?
8. When are applications for funding accepted?
9. Who can apply to receive CDBG funds?
10. How do I qualify for the Housing Rehabilitation or the Commercial Rehabilitation program?
11. Who do I contact with housing discrimination complaints?
12. What kinds of grants does the City of Bristol apply to receive?
13. Can the BDA help homeowners address building/fire code violations and blight issues?

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