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February 4, 2016 2:49 PM

Mailbox installation and maintenance

The City of Bristol would like to remind residents that rural mailboxes must be installed so that the face of the mailbox is at least ten (10) inches behind the edge of the roadway/curb to allow clearance for snow plowing on City streets.

Mailboxes that are installed too close to the curb are easily subject to damage by plows or the force of snow/ice being removed from the road. Mailboxes must also be maintained in good condition, free of rust and rotting wood, in order to withstand winter conditions.

City policy states that damage claims will be denied if the mailbox is not installed per the guideline above. Mailboxes that are damaged during winter operations that are in poor condition or that were not directly impacted by the plow/truck will also not be eligible for a damage claim with the City.

The City may leave notice if it identifies an improperly installed or maintained mailbox. If you should receive notice from the City, please take corrective action to relocate or repair the mailbox.

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