Other Responsibilities & Specialties

Specialties within the Criminal Investigations Division

  • Computer Forensics - Detective Alan Hornkohl is currently developing our computer forensics unit. Detective Hornkohl utilizes specialized computer equipment to forensically analyze hard drives for evidence of criminal activity. Farmington Savings Bank recently provided the department with a state of the art computer system that will significantly increase its computer forensic capabilities.
  • Fire Investigations - Detective Mellon has been a certified fire investigator for many years and works with the Fire Marshal’s Office to investigate fires of suspicious origin. Recently Detectives Ward and Hornkohl have joined Detective Mellon as certified fire investigators.
  • Polygraph Unit - Detective Werner is assigned to the investigations unit as a polygraph examiner. He conducts exams for detectives from both the Bristol Police Department and other police departments. This unit has been instrumental in assisting detectives in their investigations.
  • Sex Offender Monitoring - CID is responsible for monitoring the status of State of Connecticut registered sex offenders. Working closely with the State of Connecticut Sex Offender Registry Unit, Detectives perform unannounced visits on registered sex offenders to verify their current address and prepare arrest warrant affidavits for those who have failed to comply with the registration requirements.

 Other Assignments within CID

Some detectives are assigned to responsibilities other than criminal investigations such as:

  • Identification Unit - Detectives Lobo and Plasczysnki of the identification unit are dedicated to crime scene processing, property room management, and permits. These two detectives are responsible for responding to crime scenes to collect evidence such as fingerprint and DNA evidence. Once this evidence is collected they can conduct testing at our headquarters or the evidence may be sent to the State Crime Lab for further analysis.
  • Narcotics Investigators - Detectives in this unit are assigned to investigate narcotics violations within the city. They often receive tips from concerned citizens and from other officers. These types of investigations are time consuming and often take several weeks or several months to complete.