Mayor's Task Force on Energy Consumption


The Task Force shall have up to ten voting members, all to be nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the City Council. All appointments shall be for a term not to exceed two years from date of appointment. Composition of the Task Force shall be as follows:

One member from the Board of Finance, Public Works Board, Board of Education, and the Planning Commission;

Three members with expertise in one or more of the following sectors: renewable energy, construction or development, and conservation/environmental protection; and

Three at large members. (Amended total members 5/10/16)

Jennifer Arasimowicz, Renewable Energy
Vacant, Council Member
Sean Dunn, Board of Public Works
Karen Hintz, Board of Education Representative
Frank Stawski, Chairman
Orlando Calfe, Board of Finance
William Veits, Planning Commission
Greg Fortier, Conservation/Environment
Tom Ragaini, Citizen
Vacant, Citizen
Vacant, Citizen

Agenda and Minutes can be found in the Agenda Center


The Task Force was established at the July 8, 2008 City Council meeting. The task force will consist of citizens from a wide range of viewpoints, including the business sector and municipal land use bonds, and with legal or technical expertise in energy consumption.

The task force will review the entire list of suggested actions contained in the Climate Protection Agreement, and any others as they may see fit, and identify those actions which the task force determines to have the best potential to reduce the cost of energy spending by the city, and reduce the amount of global warming pollution produced by the city.


City of Bristol Energy Plan

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