Streets Maintenance & Snow Removal


The Street Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department is accountable for the repair and maintenance of city maintained streets and the majority of its facilities. The City of Bristol has 225 miles of roads, 175 miles of storm drain, 6500 catch basins, and 25 bridges. The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for a wide range of activities including maintenance and repair of storm water assets, pavement, bridges, roadside landscapes, street sweeping, and snow and ice control.



The division focuses on citizen safety through the management of storm water control, catch basins, bridges, street and public notice signs, pavement, sidewalks, and snow and ice control.


The Streets Division also plays a role in beautification by street sweeping and managing landscaping in public rights-of-way and city facilities. The division also performs building maintenance and construction of small buildings.


The Street Maintenance Division of Public Works strives for a high quality and efficient level of service for the citizens of Bristol. Our strategies include exploring new technologies, implementing efficient procedures, and proactively addressing residents’ concerns. The division is dedicated to managing expenses and presenting a positive public image.

Jason Morrocco

Streets Superintendent


Craig Kasparian

Assistant Streets Superintendent