Communications Division

BPD Dispatch Center


Public safety telecommunicators (PSTs) are comprised of a select group of non-sworn emergency service workers who form the hub of emergency response activity. In a sense, telecommunicators are the first responders at a scene of an emergency. They pick up the call, ascertain what is happening, and then take on the responsibility of getting help to the scene as quickly as possible.

PSTs must demonstrate a significant degree of resourcefulness, organization, focus, and judgement when responding to an emotionally charged person in a variety of situations. They are also certified in emergency medical dispatch and are trained to provide life-saving medical instructions over the telephone. Receiving over 60,000 calls per year, telecommunicators have to operate at a high level of efficiency. They are the central nerve system of public safety. On behalf of the members of the Bristol Police Department, both sworn & civilian, and over 60,000 residents that we provide service to, we extend a sincere thank you to our PSTs.


The citizens of Bristol have benefited since the 2004 implementation of the emergency medical dispatch system. When a person calls 911 for a medical emergency, the PST is the first responder. The PSTs use pre-scripted protocols to provide instructions to the caller so medical care can begin before the arrival of police or ambulance personnel.