General Permit Information


The following information will assist you with the requirements and procedures for applying for building and/or mechanical permits in the City Of Bristol. For more information visit the Office of the State Building Inspector website. All permits for the erection of, addition to, alteration of, repair, or removal of, any type of building, new home, addition, roof replacement, garage, carport, swimming pool, deck, shed, or similar feature may require the following:

  • Building Permit Application
  • Building plans(submit two for Building Department and one for Fire Marshal's Office)
    • Plan review may take up to 30 days
    • Two sets for residential (one and two family structures)
    • Three sets for commercial (three family and up, retail, offices, restaurants, industrial, etc.)
  • Certificate of Appropriateness - A Certificate of Appropriateness may be required if the project is located in the Overlook Historic District (please refer to Chapter 18, Article IV of the Code of Ordinances, City of Bristol).
  • Certification from a tax collector - Ensure that no unpaid tax liens appear on property (exceptions may apply)
  • Fire marshal approval - Fire Marshal approval may be required for commercial building permits.
  • Flood Plain Permit - Permit is required if the proposed excavation is located within designated flood plain area.
  • Health Department approval - Approval is required when a septic system or well water exists on site. Approval of floor plans is required for food handling establishments, barber shops, beauty salons, etc. The Health Department is located at 240 Stafford Avenue and can be reached at (860) 584-7682.
  • Payment - Payment in cash, check (made payable to the City of Bristol) or credit card (except American Express) (see our fees breakdown)
  • Plan approval - New commercial construction permits require site plan approval from Zoning Commission / Planning Commission.
  • Proof of License - Contractor must provide proof of Connecticut contractor’s license, and or registration.
  • Proof of workers compensation - Proof of workers compensation insurance coverage for all persons employed or engaged to perform services on the construction site.
  • Two certified plot plans - A plot plan is a drawing prepared by a licensed surveyor showing property lines and building locations. The Building Department has many plot plans on file; please call us at (860) 584-6215 to see if we have a plot plan for your property.
  • Wetlands Permit - Permit is required if the proposed excavation is located within 100 feet of a designated wetland area.
  • Zoning approval / certificate - The building plans must be allowable for the zone the property is located in. Upon submitting your building permit application, the zoning enforcement officer will review the plans to ensure that they comply with the zoning guidelines.