Special Event Permits

What is a Special Event? 

  • A special event is any public event including road races, charity walks, block parties, festivals, parades and similar events that use public right-of-ways. They can have entertainment, games, food and beverages.
  • Special Event Permits are required for events that utilize public spaces, such as roads, green-ways, public squares, plazas, and City parks and properties.
  • Events contained to private property do not require a Special Event permit, unless, your event is open to the general public, is being advertised outside the affected area or involves any and all street closures.


  • Anyone hosting a public event on public property or on outdoor private property needs to apply. Whether the event is free or ticketed, open to the public, or invitation only.  
  • Bristol requires a permit for all special events taking place within the City. It is our goal that your event be successful and that it does not significantly impact public facilities or resources. 
  • The success of your event is dependent upon you (and your organization’s) planning and preparation. The application must be submitted 45 days prior of the event. Once submitted the application will be reviewed by various City departments. Certain Departments may require additional information. The guidelines and requirements are attached as a cover page to your application.

Understanding there will be a transition period, our team is happy to help walk you through the process.                                                       Please contact Public Works at 860-584-6125 with any questions.

Required items:

· Special Event Permit Application

· Certificate of Liability Insurance (listing the City of Bristol as Certificate Holder and have the dates of your event listed under the description of operations)

· Site Plan/ Map

Special Event Application Guidelines

Please be advised that we are no longer accepting paper applications.

Anyone approved to hold a public event must follow the City’s rules and regulations.